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Donna Snyder-Smith

A lifetime of experience, A legacy of excellence

To be or beat the best, you must learn from the best: Donna Snyder-Smith is the best riding biomechanics coach in America today.  Her outstanding eye for rider skeletal efficiency and correctness plus 50 years of teaching experience allow her to facilitate prompt and dramatic changes in both rider (and horse) in a single hours consult.  

The partnership between horse and rider is sacred: built on understanding and trust. Donna can help you deepen your relationship by improving your communication with your horse through better use of your body.  Horses try their best to make their human happy. Being able to sense and understand your horse’s body language is important to the establishment of a genuine partnership.  It is equally important that the horse clearly understand the rider’s body language (aids and signals) so it can work with a free mind, confident in the rider’s fairness and empathy.  

“I have been blessed to be a riding coach my entire life!  Join me as I continue that journey in this 21st century approach which allows me to access horse lovers all across America, no matter where you live. Do you dream of a bareback gallop across a grassy field, a beautifully executed dressage test,  the adrenalin rush of jumping colorful monster fences in a groomed arena, fearlessly riding cross-country over drops, banks, yawning coffins and water splashes or the ultimate spiritual experience of you and your horse traversing 100 miles of mountainous wilderness in a single day! I can help you get there.”

Video Lessons

Today a little effort can get you access to a top equestrian coach with the use of video.  DSS offers specialized coaching to all levels of riders, from novice thru advanced. Trained in Centered Riding techniques, Donna can diagnose rider errors which affect the movement (and soundness) of the horse and the health and comfort of the rider. 

After viewing and studying a 20 to 30 minute video of you riding, You and she will schedule a phone consultation where Donna will walk you through your video pointing out the issues she has found while making suggestions for ways in which you can improve your performance (and that of your horse as well) and answer questions (approximately 1 hour).

$45.00 per session or 10 sessions for $350.00

Conditioning Program for Endurance

LD to 100 Miles (including Tevis).

The conditioning program is designed to fit your personal circumstances, including family obligations, work schedule, and geographical location. This program includes a recommended competitive schedule and a post-ride analysis with Donna after every ride.

$500.00 for six months 
$800.00 per year

Consulting Services

Answers to questions from bothersome to extremely critical.  Donna is available via telephone or e-mail to answer questions about: training, instructors and clinicians, purchase and fit of equipment, shoeing and farriers, health and veterinarian care, conditioning, horse behavior, purchase, leasing and selling advise and forms, and any other horse related questions.

All it takes is a telephone call (for an issue which requires a quick response) or an e-mail.  
$20.00 per question/answer session, or take advantage of the package price of $50.00 unlimited access for one month, or $350.00 for one year. 

Email Donna

and tell her about you and your horse:

  • Internationally acclaimed Clinician

  • Over 50 years professional coaching

  • Author of 3 books

  • Western and Classical Dressage Judge

  • Worked with or studied under:
    • Sally Swift
    • Linda Tellington-Jones
    • Peggy Cummings
    • Monty Foreman
    • Gene Lewis
    • Mary Wanless
    • Bert DeNemethy
    • Jack LeGoff
    • Denny Emerson
    • Nuno Olivera
    • Herman Friedlaender
    • Charles deKunffy
    • Anders Lindgren