I bring 50 years as a professional coach/trainer to my consulting work and to the court room as an expert witness. I have had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the twentieth century’s most innovative thinkers and teachers, including: Sally Swift, Linda Tellington-Jones, Peggy Cummings, Monty Foreman, Gene Lewis and Mary Wanless. I have also ridden/cliniced with world class horseman Bert DeNemethy, Jack LeGoff, Denny Emerson, Nuno Olivera, Herman Friedlaender, Charles deKunffy and Anders Lindgren.

A national clinician, lecturer, author of three books, in 1991 the American Riding Instructors Association recognized my contribution to the industry by making me the recipient of their first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. It is the second most treasured award in my career, the first being my TEVIS buckle (earned in 1966), which I consider to be a 20th century “working certificate of horsemanship” (prepare a horse, then ride it successfully 100 miles over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in under 24 hours)
Although I am now retired from active, on site teaching and clinic work, I continue to offer the insights I have gained through a lifetime with horses and riders through my consulting service and my “Virtual Lessons with Donna.”   My consulting service will allow you to have an “expert’s opinion” as close as your e-mail or telephone. The service gives the amateur horse owner, rider and lover the ability to get quick answers to important, time sensitive questions, including general health and welfare, equipment choice and fitting, and training progression and issues. In addition to specific answers to immediate questions, you will receive sources for important related research information to continue to enhance your personal knowledge around a specific topic should you desire to do so.

“Virtual Lessons with Donna,” offers owner/riders the opportunity to provide a video of a specific question or problem (horse or rider) for analysis. This service is incredibly helpful for those whose access to competent instruction or the assistance of a trainer, may be limited due to proximity or financial limitations.

For endurance riders and competitors (new or experienced), I offer customized training, conditioning and competitive programs.

For more details on any of these programs, see the “Services” page on this web site or you may contact me directly.  

To build a successful career that will last a lifetime you must acquire a detailed knowledge of the elements which constitute your foundation.